Let us introduce ourselves

Meet the cozy up stays team

We are a group of travel enthusiasts who want to share amazing rental properties and experiences with you, without the hassle that can normally come with travelling.

The Cozy Stamp of Approval

You know that feeling when you’re at a place and you just feel so at home? That’s what Cozy Up Stays is here for.

We’re all about creating a place where you can feel like you’re at home, no matter where in the world that may be. We also pride ourselves on ensuring our properties are of quality, have incredible support staff and amenities are always kept up to the standard of care that we are used to.

We work hard to treat all our homes with respect and to help customers with anything they need.

Our Story

The vision was Lakeview (property), the final result is hundreds of properties under our wing at Cozy Up Stays.

Our founder, Reilly, hated the idea of renting her property long-term as she didn’t have any way of knowing if it was being cared for properly — so instead, she decided to put it on Airbnb. The process of turning Lakeview into an Airbnb was so gratifying that she decided to create Cozy Up Stay’s as a solution for other property owners dealing with similar issues.

Cozy Up Stays is a customer referral-based business. We have grown to over 150 properties worldwide because of the quality of staff we hire and the care we put into making sure every guest has an excellent stay at our properties.

Using Airbnb and Cozy Up Stays is easy and enjoyable, because it allows property owners to know their homes are in good hands (with our stamp of approval) and guests to have the security of knowing we ensure a great stay.

Meet The Team


Reilly Stead

The Knowledgeable One

Reilly is an Airbnb aficionado, with her very first property (and former home) being Lakeview where she spent years turning the property into an enjoyable spot to comfortably host guests.

Coming from a real estate background, Reilly knows just what it means to feel great in the space you are living (or vacationing) in. You can find Reilly chilling at the cottage on the weekends, or travelling and exploring other vacation homes all over the globe.

Fav Property: Lake View it's her baby and the OG property- it means everything to her.


Kourtney Shortt

The Strategic One

Kourtney is the Head of Operations at Cozy Up Stays and comes from a customer relations background, so she knows what it’s like to make sure customers have exceptional service.

Kourtney has always worked within the community and enjoys meeting property owners and transforming locations into Airbnbs. Her favourite part of her job is travelling around the globe, discovering new properties and experiencing new places.

Fav Property: The Cape Miles, located in Tobermory, one of her favourite spots in Ontario.


Emily Watts

The Creative One

Em is the design and marketing manager at Cozy Up Stays. Coming from an interior decorating background and working within residential homes around the community, Em specializes in designing spaces and attention to detail within the homes Cozy manages.

Em’s favourite place to be in the world is on the Lake, with her paddle board. She is our go-to artistic mind that puts all the personal design touches to our homes, to ensure a truly unique guest experience. And her absolute favourite part of the job is meeting with clients to help them design their space.

Fav Property: The Sunriser because being on the water is her favourite place to be.

Host Your Property with us

Are you considering renting your property but don’t know where to begin?

Cozy Up Stays makes the process easy and stress-free. Our team of friendly and experienced professionals can take care of everything, from marketing your property to handling guest communication, cleaning, and maintenance.

Don’t wait any longer, join the Cozy Up Stays family and start earning income easily. Contact us today to learn more, we’re always happy to help!

Check out our on-going projects

Did you know Cozy Up Stays offers more than just property management? Our team is here to help you with all aspects of property management or home maintenance! We offer residential cleaning, renovations, yard maintenance, property management, and snow removal!

Right now we are working behind the scenes on the Village Inn, it’s another one of our passion projects, we hope you can come check it out.

Bored? Travel. Sad? Travel. Happy? Travel.

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